She comes from nowhere in particular.   As mentioned, there are many great political blogs of substance out there. I’m where to come to get a break. Much of it snark, short remarks, some commentary.

Ya wanna know more about the vixen? Check out her blogger profile.

The Blogging Tories appear to be particularly amusing.  Yes, the site, Blogging Tories In Their Own Words is doing a great job keeping an eye out for the wankiest, most outrageous, most offensive of posts to bring awareness to others.  I’m only here to insert my two cents, even if it ain’t wanted, because, after all, don’t those whiners constantly preach a Free speech mantra? Yeah, I know, it’s for them and not for me. Too bad.  As Harper said one time, “I make the rules”. Well, “I make the rules” here.



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