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Uh Oh! Seems Brian Lilley Doesn’t Know Whether or Not To Be Disappointed He Didn’t Get Any

You that hard up, Brian? Sad that the airport flunkies didn’t wanna touch your junk?  Perhaps those flunkies were just not that into ya!


It’s Tarek Fatah’s Party And He’ll Cry If He Wants To!

Oh, poor Tarek! First, he doesn’t show up to his own party and then it appears he blames the Federal Liberal Party for it. Well, why not? When in doubt, it’s always the federal Liberals’ fault.

When BigCityLib calls out Tarek Fatah for his antics and inconsistencies, well, it just ain’t pretty as you can see by the screenshots on his page.
Ladies and gents, I smell a fad, here. I will call it the Ann Coulter effect. Be more successful by not showing up to your own party by creating drama. It worked for Christy Blatchford. Lessee if it works for Tarek.

Harper playing Good Cop/Bad Cop With Mad Max?

This is the question. Once again, the glimmer of hope that  Steve will play the bearer of pork to Quebec City in the form of a brand new shiny arena. And once again, Mad Max comes out and denounces it.

Now, we all know that Mad Max is neither the sharpest knife in the drawer, nor is he one of King Steve’s favourite knights.  In fact, one could argue that he’s skating on thin conservative ice. So why would he threaten his position in caucus?

So, has Mad Max gone rogue or is he Harper’s useful idiot? You decide.

Either way, Max, your boss really doesn’t give a fuck what you think.

Dr. Roy, You Must Learn To Love Yourself

Uh oh!

Dr. Roy, a ‘brown’ person himself, from India, a country where English is definitely not the first language shares  the ever increasing Paranoia of Mark Steyn.  Dr. Roy Eappen  shows his obvious self-loathing while sharing  Steyn’s pity party because of some delusional lament over the decline of WASP morality.