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Kathy Shaidle — Blissfully Ignorant

Oh my! Apparently, educated and liberated women are very unhappy.


Iceman Wants to Limit Abortions So We Can Have a Workforce? How Thoughtful!

Just when you think Iceman doesn’t get more nutty, he does!  I mean, honestly,  it must be a miracle he can figure out his grey flannel suits every morning. Tied the bow-ties on too tight today?  First, Let’s examine what Iceman’s message is to women, verbatim.

The baby boomers are starting to retire and we are about to face a very serious labour demographic problem in our country. There is about to be an enormous influx of cost on a shrinking labour force.

All righty! I won’t begin to explain what’s wrong with this bozo’s statement here (and he calls himself an honour’s grad in Mathematical economics?? From where?? Sesame Street??). Anybody with a basic sense of today’s economy and job market, along with evolving technology knows what’s wrong with the Iceman’s statement above. Moving along.

However, before I do, how come you haven’t reproduced, Iceman? Not that my readers or I would like to see little Icemen running loose, but shouldn’t you practice what you preach? Oops! Maybe he is, look below!

Ladies of Canada, I support your right to choose, but right now we need future workers and we need them as soon as you can produce them. Please start cranking out more kids.

Ain’t that nice?  I mean, ladies, how could he lose with such an endearing statement like that above?

However, Iceman, that’s not a great pick-up line if you’re trying to find a date. No wonder you haven’t reproduced! As you were!

I guess Iceman won’t be leaving Mommy’s basement anytime soon, unless of course, she read his last post and was as offended as most women should be.