Poor Pathetic Dr Roy’s Wish List

Gee, a lollipop with that?

I like the part where he would like us to be “less easily offended”. Ok, let’s put to the test. So, Dr., if I were to call you a  shit faced, tub-o-lard, quack ‘n’ hack, you won’t be offended?

I think he would like to be ok for him to feel free to call the Nortel pensioners ‘pathetic’.

Let me remind you that you’re not white, “Dr.”, stop trying to suck up to white supremacists; you’re nothing more than their useful idiot.

Oh, freedom for Dr. Roy, but not for  women’s reproductive rights, apparently.  The quack ‘n’ hack is also a fetus fetishist and should be on the fetus fetishist watch, ladies.


Paul, Think You’d Better Lay Off That Celestial Junk

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your mind on “Celestial Junk”!

Harper playing Good Cop/Bad Cop With Mad Max?

This is the question. Once again, the glimmer of hope that  Steve will play the bearer of pork to Quebec City in the form of a brand new shiny arena. And once again, Mad Max comes out and denounces it.

Now, we all know that Mad Max is neither the sharpest knife in the drawer, nor is he one of King Steve’s favourite knights.  In fact, one could argue that he’s skating on thin conservative ice. So why would he threaten his position in caucus?

So, has Mad Max gone rogue or is he Harper’s useful idiot? You decide.

Either way, Max, your boss really doesn’t give a fuck what you think.

Two Wrongs Somehow Make a Right?

Pun very much intended here. Yeah, Iceman, keep telling yourself that.  Like the newly appointed Con flunkies would vote to risk losing their plus senate seats in pesky elections.

Blogging Tory FrmGrl and Brian Lilley Are Outraged! Outraged, I Tell Ya!

FrmGrl, from that blog, “Chasing Apple Pie” (how quaint!) is outraged, yet again, today.  Let’s take a look at what’s put a bee in her bonnet today, shall we? Well, actually, her’s and Sun Media darling, Brian Lilley’s.

Sylvain Lafrance, the executive VP of CBC’s French language services, treated Liberal Senator Francis Fox to a $119 lunch in October 2009 at Montreal’s Restaurant Julien.

As for FrmGrl :

Liberals and the CBC, birds of a feather, liberal elites that like to suck off the public teat with no regards for the lowly taxpayer

Oooohhh, shiver me timbers! They had lunch!  Atta boy, Brian! You uncovered this in your CBC watch! Wow, your bosses must be just, oh so proud! I know FrmGrl now has a massive crush on you (well, after her crush on Steve Harper, naturally; hard playing second fiddle, ain’t it?)

Let me get this straight, neither of you has a problem with a billion + dollars spent on the G8/G20  (breakdown includes over million for fake lakes and glow sticks in the tens of thousands of bananas), but you both take issue with a 119$ lunch (ok, and a 20$ cab ride)??

I bet if  it was Don Cherry having lunch with a con senator,  this would fly under both your radars.

Oops! Bonus track, Lilley has an extra beef with Senator Fox:

Fox was a member of Pierre Trudeau’s cabinet before he was forced to resign as solicitor-general in 1978 after it was revealed that he forged the signature of his girlfriend’s husband to help her get an abortion.

Let’s remember that Lilley (and FrmGrl, as well, no doubt) is a big time fetus fetishist, thus, makes clear to us why he makes a federal case and stops the presses over this non story.

I Would Like To Answer That, BC Blue

Today, like any other day, BC Blue’s Dean Skoreyko gets his knickers in a twist. Today, it’s regarding former PM Chretien’s visiting United Arab Emirates and his commenting about never having any serious problems with the country while PM.

Today he asks a very stupid question (ok, a recycled stupid question from Ezra Irrelevant:

“is there a dictatorship that Chretien doesn’t support?”

Duh! Ya think he supports  King Steve Harper, Dean?

Oh, and Dean, whatever ex-prime ministers- now civilians do with their time really shouldn’t pre occupy you and your time and if they do, then perhaps you need to take up a hobby or something.

But, Ms Crux, Does He Cook Dinner?

Sandy Crux’s list of Stephen Harper’s “accomplishments” (snort! Guffaw!) of  her precious PM Steve Harper. This list, of course, is nothing new.  But it’s the first time I’ve seen it.  I see that Ms. Crux has a flair for the imaginative and that list of her’s reveals someone on some meds that clearly don’t suit her.

Speaking of unsuitable, Iceman’s latest screed reveals  that Harper is basically the best PM evuh!

Ya see, L Ian MacDonald, if the shrieking monkeys think their beloved Harper is the tops, then he is. How dare you upset that apple cart!

Apparently, he does everything except cook dinner.