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Craig “Ferrethouse” Smith Needs a Hug!

I think Ferretface is more suitable name for this blogging tory, don’t you? He so much reminds me of  Major Frank Burns from M*A*S*H* in all his whininess, soconness and wingnuttiness.

Anyway, it appears he’s jealous. I mean talk about obsessive!  Gerry, looks like you got yourself a stalker.  I mean, imagine if you did suck up to Master Stevie? I think ol’ ferretface would have a man crush here.


When Blogging Tories Spit Out Their Own

Oh, it sure ain’t purdy! Me thinks there is trouble in paradise.

Wankers,  if deciding whether to boot out a fellow wanker is the highlight of your week-end, it means time to get a life!

Ooohh!!! Your world is gonna come crashing down because Gerry (not “Gary”) dared to criticize your Master Saviour Steve… oooh (cue in spooky music here).

Gerry Nicholls  a Liberal?  Who’d a thunk it? News to me!  Has someone told Mr. Nicholls?

Yanno, Gerry, if I was you, I’d make the decision for that nursery school known as Blogging Tories; I’d take my blog outta there myself.  As a known columnist and author, do you really need ’em?