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Fresh BT Blood Sees FLQ Ghosts Under His Bed

Let’s welcome Midnight Blue Connie to Black Red Vixen’s Conservative watch. In his debut post, he had asked that we not be too hard on him. Well, you joined their nursery school, you become fair game if you display hilarious stupidity and/or typical con stupidity. By the looks of things, you’re off to a flying start.

Like a good BT, he is whining against things like the political party per vote subsidies and the Bloc Quebecois. However, looks like he refers to them as the FLQ. Now, you wouldn’t be referring to that old, now defunct, FLQ of the October Crisis, now would you?

Why does that logic apply to Quebec and not to others? Why will there not be a socialist uprising if the NDP doesn’t receive political welfare? I don’t think the FLQ can legitimately used to defend this argument, as I don’t think the former group represents the will and mindset of thousands of Quebec Nationalists. Furhermore, if these folks are so passionate about their cause that they will devolve into terrorists, why can’t they be bothered to donate the $2 subsidy out of pocket?

FLQ ghosts and socialists hide under his bed.


Blue Like You’s Joanne: Still Grasping…

When Joanne’s fave wingnut columnist Lorrie Goldstein actually concedes to the fact that Iggy was less than lukewarm to coalitions,  She rushes to scold him...’but…but…Iggy signed the agreement!! See? He signed it!!’ You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that Joanne actually wants this coalition to happen. Oh! Oh! Wait a minute! Of course she does! She knows it would give her dreamboat Steve a majority (anyone catch that nauseating pic of  King Steve with the Queen at her blog header?).

She, like the other kids at the Blogging Tory nursery school all rushing to claim how that fateful coalition of 2008 under Stephane Dion was illegitimate or was just morally wrong; I have a question for them: since I’m of the belief that if the Liberals somehow eke out a minority in the next election, Harper won’t cede government so fast (under Westminster rules, it’s legal and the precedent exists thanks to McKenzie King), would they cry out as vehemently against this action as they did the 2008 coalition?  I don’t think so, somehow.

Carry on, then, sweetheart!

Oh, btw, does your obvious crush on Harper is truly shameless, but I see you’re not alone amongst the other little girls of the Blogging Tory fembots.

I will leave you with this goody from commenter, Bec

“In the 70′s Pet survived with the help of the NDP’s Lewis. The NDP were rewarded by a rout and handed the Liberals their next majority. ”

The beginning of the extreme socialism in Canada.

Extreme Socialism.  Bec, as well as the other members of Joanne’s fan club. Define socialism. Please, in my comments section. Define it.