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It’s Tarek Fatah’s Party And He’ll Cry If He Wants To!

Oh, poor Tarek! First, he doesn’t show up to his own party and then it appears he blames the Federal Liberal Party for it. Well, why not? When in doubt, it’s always the federal Liberals’ fault.

When BigCityLib calls out Tarek Fatah for his antics and inconsistencies, well, it just ain’t pretty as you can see by the screenshots on his page.
Ladies and gents, I smell a fad, here. I will call it the Ann Coulter effect. Be more successful by not showing up to your own party by creating drama. It worked for Christy Blatchford. Lessee if it works for Tarek.

Poor Pathetic Dr Roy’s Wish List

Gee, a lollipop with that?

I like the part where he would like us to be “less easily offended”. Ok, let’s put to the test. So, Dr., if I were to call you a  shit faced, tub-o-lard, quack ‘n’ hack, you won’t be offended?

I think he would like to be ok for him to feel free to call the Nortel pensioners ‘pathetic’.

Let me remind you that you’re not white, “Dr.”, stop trying to suck up to white supremacists; you’re nothing more than their useful idiot.

Oh, freedom for Dr. Roy, but not for  women’s reproductive rights, apparently.  The quack ‘n’ hack is also a fetus fetishist and should be on the fetus fetishist watch, ladies.

But, Ms Crux, Does He Cook Dinner?

Sandy Crux’s list of Stephen Harper’s “accomplishments” (snort! Guffaw!) of  her precious PM Steve Harper. This list, of course, is nothing new.  But it’s the first time I’ve seen it.  I see that Ms. Crux has a flair for the imaginative and that list of her’s reveals someone on some meds that clearly don’t suit her.

Speaking of unsuitable, Iceman’s latest screed reveals  that Harper is basically the best PM evuh!

Ya see, L Ian MacDonald, if the shrieking monkeys think their beloved Harper is the tops, then he is. How dare you upset that apple cart!

Apparently, he does everything except cook dinner.

The Pathetic Dr. Roy Eappen

Yes, a doctor blogging Tory has the gaul to call a few freezing disabled Nortel pensioners demonstrating ‘pathetic’.  Shocking that he was allowed into med school to begin with. Musta fooled the interviewer.  Unless, of course, interviewers at McGill Med school have no problem with potential med school applicants wanting to become doctors simply for the prestige of having the title and the money.

What’s more pathetic, ladies and gentlemen, is the ‘good’ doctor’s ratings.

Perhaps if he spent more time answering his patients’ concerns and queries and less time chasing and brown nosing every  Con ‘celeb’ on the continent and attending musicals, perhaps he could be taken more seriously, like, say, a real doctor.

Oh yick! To think he has a license to see people naked! Creepy!

H/T Jymn and CC

Dr. Roy, You Must Learn To Love Yourself

Uh oh!

Dr. Roy, a ‘brown’ person himself, from India, a country where English is definitely not the first language shares  the ever increasing Paranoia of Mark Steyn.  Dr. Roy Eappen  shows his obvious self-loathing while sharing  Steyn’s pity party because of some delusional lament over the decline of WASP morality.