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Poverty Is My Nationality: Hugh MacIntyre

The world according to Hugh MacIntyre:

The poorest among us live better than a mediaeval king. How can you possibly claim that the poor are worse off?

Oh Gawd! There are no words to describe the above. If a medieval king were alive today, he’d  have all the most expensive modern gadgets and trappings intriplicate.

I would go further than saying that the poor are not getting poorer. I would say that they are getting richer.

I guess somebody forgot to tell the homeless waiting in line at the soup kitchen to warm up  or that single mother waiting at the food bank so she can adequately feed her kids or the senior citizen who can’t afford their meds because their  housing takes up their meager pension checques.

Yah, Hugh, I guess things like a warm, safe place to live, nutritious food, clean clothes and education are considered luxuries.


Why Yes Iceman, Using Words Like “shoot, aim, target, kill, terminate, slay, hunt…” Can Potentially Make an Unstable Person Snap

But then, I question Iceman’s mental stability at time,s myself. Yes, he’s preoccupied today. Though not exactly sure with what. Is he distraught because he’s discovering an iota of a conscience he wishes he could lock back into Pandorra’s box? Or is he just miffed that he can’t remain in denial that he may well be part of the problem?

Gotta love that misinformation he spews:

Anyone who watched that G20 chaos unfold in Toronto is all too familiar with the fanatic nature of the left wing kooks.

After that brain fart, I’d say he’s in denial, wouldn’t you?  It indicates that whenever anyone to the right of Harper actually speaks up or there is actual dissent, Iceman and his ilk smell murderous mentally ill thugs.