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FrmGrl’s Useful Idiot-Tarek Fatah

Boy, Tarek, how long are you going to do the bidding for neo-con white supremacists?  I guess when he no longer makes money from it.  Gawd, what a whore!

FrmGrl’s all a squealin’ now, because the thing she hoped for most–some other hauncho sayin’ that multi-culturalism don’t work.

As far as I’m concerned, you neo-con racists are no better than those  in Quebec wishing to preserve or expand Bill 101. 

Good boy Tarek! Give yourself a hand in making cunts like FrmGrl  cream their panties. Only, it ain’t for you. They’re for her precious Glenn Beck.

You all simply want multi-culturalism to fail, is all.


It’s Tarek Fatah’s Party And He’ll Cry If He Wants To!

Oh, poor Tarek! First, he doesn’t show up to his own party and then it appears he blames the Federal Liberal Party for it. Well, why not? When in doubt, it’s always the federal Liberals’ fault.

When BigCityLib calls out Tarek Fatah for his antics and inconsistencies, well, it just ain’t pretty as you can see by the screenshots on his page.
Ladies and gents, I smell a fad, here. I will call it the Ann Coulter effect. Be more successful by not showing up to your own party by creating drama. It worked for Christy Blatchford. Lessee if it works for Tarek.